Management Research

BBMR is not only tasked with putting forth and monitoring a budget for the City every year; it also has the job of closely evaluating City programs and services in order to determine cost-effectiveness and revenue-generating potential while simultaneously achieving high levels of citizen satisfaction. In 2012, BBMR began conducting management research projects for selected City services in order to ensure that they were being implemented efficiently and effectively. Management research projects are conducted in accordance with a protocol that includes entrance and exit conferences with the service being evaluated, rigorous research and analysis, a written report with recommendations, and a presentation to the Mayor.

Management Research Reports

Analyzing the Impact of the 2024 “Renew Baltimore” Charter Amendment Proposal on Property Tax Rates

A Comprehensive Review of the City's Current Tax Credit Programs

Ernst & Young Property Tax Credit Analysis

Senior Services: Review of Services Provided to Seniors by the Baltimore City Government

Special Fund Analysis

Charm City Circulator: A Financial Analysis to Determine the Sustainability of Current Operations

Street Repaving

Community Job Hubs

A Handbook For Full Cost Accounting And Activity-Based Costing Using Mixed Refuse Collection As A Case Study

Improving City Grants Management

Evaluating the Operations and Revenue Generation Potential of the Inner Harbor Dock Master

Further Steps Needed to Improve Cost-Effectiveness of the Conduct of Elections

Additional Steps Needed for City of Baltimore University to Become Self Sufficient